Will you open a new business? Learn how to borrow money online

We know that starting a business from scratch is not at all easy. This is because, in addition to many research, documentation and registration, it is necessary to count on an initial investment – which is not so cheap. This is why many people end up making loans to support their upfront expenses. Amidst so many documentations and bureaucracies, how about opting for a more practical and easy way to make your personal loan ? Let us show you how to get money online even today and have funds in the account to open your company!

Small Lender is recognized globally in the banking revolution for mobile applications. On the platform, you can borrow money online to open your business in the comfort of your home, with no abusive fees and, depending on the case, still on the same day of the request.


1. Is it a bureaucratic process?

1. Is it a bureaucratic process?


If there’s one thing that our loan system is not , it’s bureaucratic. To get the amount you need, just follow these steps:

• Login to our Small Lender site;

• Complete your registration;

• If approved, inform your bank account and password (it must be a current account and an individual);

• If approved, choose how much to withdraw on the first loan;

• Sign the contract digitally;

• Ready! Now just wait for the amount to fall into your account. Remember that if the process is done before 11:30, the money is released on the same business day .

Many wonder why they need to report bank data. This, in fact, is the key step that makes the process much faster and easier.

By registering your account on the platform, your data is collected by Instantor, an extremely safe , used and recognized worldwide financial technology (learn more in the third topic). The resource accesses essential information for the approval or non-approval of your credit. Otherwise, it would be necessary to send us a series of documents by mail or via email, which would make the process much more time-consuming and bureaucratic. That is, it is precisely in this step that our differential is .


2. How does the platform work?

2. How does the platform work?


Our loan model is a lot like a credit card system : you use your balance the way you prefer. In addition, it is possible to withdraw an amount smaller than the limit and to pay little by little (up to 12 parcels, to be more exact).

The remaining value can also be used according to your preference. As soon as the installments are being paid, the limit becomes available again in your account for use. It is worth remembering that by paying up, it is possible to increase your credit limit .

If you need another loan (s) later, you do not have to register again, and the whole process is even simpler. Nice, huh? Take a look at the video below to learn more:



3. Is Small Lender reliable?

3. Is Small Lender reliable?


Yes, a lot ! We were born in Finland in 2005. With our ethical, safe and professional work, we have grown a lot and today we are present in 25 countries – with more than 2 million satisfied customers worldwide .

In Brazil, Small Lender arrived in 2017. We homologated and authorized our processes of automation and credit evaluation by the main banks of the country. The result is over 40,000 happy customers with the result of our work – but the number grows every day.

With regard to the security of bank data provided, do not worry! We use Instantor , a pioneering tool in financial technology. The sole purpose of the resource is to analyze the bank data for the approval or non-approval of the credit, erasing the information as soon as the process is completed. Your data is protected by industry-standard encryption, meaning nothing is stored. 

Furthermore, modesty aside, our customers recommend us, tear praise and have rated us with maximum marks on different platforms. 

So, we managed to convince you to make an online loan with us? So go to Small Lender now and take the first step towards the business of your dreams!

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